The Scriptures tell us that the quality of our faith, and indeed of our life, shall be judged by how much we have been able to impact the lives of other people, especially the poor (Mt.25:31-46; Js. 1:27). Church of Uganda has tried to reach out to the communities in Uganda through its Planning, Development and Rehabilitation (PDR) Department, carrying out strategic activities aimed at empowering people to meet their socio-economic and spiritual development needs. This strategic plan is in line with that desire. It refocuses CoU-PDR into its real and critical role of a facilitator of Church of Uganda socio-economic development initiatives. It is hoped that through the successful implementation of this strategic plan, the Church of Uganda will respond more meaningfully to the socioeconomic development needs of God’s people thereby enabling them to attain Christ’s promise of abundant life (Jn 10:10). We are thankful to all our partners who have walked with us over the years and are still walking with us. We also welcome new partnerships as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission our Lord Jesus Christ (Lk 4:18-19) to reach out to a hurting world with hope and a life of dignity to the disheartened.

The complete strategic plan will be posted soon.


Yours truly,


Rt. Rev. Nathan


Chairman, Provincial

Planning and Development Board

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