The ACT Uganda Forum joint advocacy project entitled “A Faith-Based Approach to Active and Peaceful Citizen Engagement in Electoral Democracy in Uganda” arises from the Forum’s desire to act together on issues affecting the country. Rallying under the umbrella of the actalliance, there is an added advantage of consolidated expertise and synergy at all levels, grassroots presence and country-wide geographical spread, as well as the moral authority to undertake advocacy around peace building, governance and accountability during the period 2015 to 2017.

CoU-PDR as the development arm of the Church of Uganda; the Anglican Church in Uganda is mandated to represent the Church of

Uganda in the ACT Uganda Forum. CoU-PDR’s mission is to work with people and communities in Dioceses in Uganda in order to improve their quality of life. CoU- PDR’s development work is rooted in Christian principles and core values of peace, mercy, caring, respect, justice and responsible stewardship of God’s creation.

The project will directly target religious leaders, citizens/voters, CSOs, the Media, the government institutions and political parties. Indirect targets shall include; CSOs and development partners with a goal to have a Peaceful, democratic, free and fair elections in Uganda by 2016.

Objective: At least 2500 Religious leaders in Uganda mobilizing citizens for peaceful, meaningful and active participation in 2016 general elections for good governance in Uganda.

Expected  outcomes:

1.      To strengthen the civic competence of 80% of the targeted Religious leaders to actively mobilize the electorate to participate in electoral processes by 2016

2.      To promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence amongst citizens, political parties and candidates during and after 2016 general elections in Uganda

Impact foreseen:

1.      Citizens, security and law enforcement personnel exercising restraint and self-control amidst provocative situations

2.      Political party leaders and candidates conducting their affairs peacefully and harmoniously

3.      Christians across the country exercise civic responsibility, tolerance and harmonious co-existence

4.      Reconciliation within and amongst political parties and candidates




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