In pursuit of its chosen mission, CoU-PDR will uphold the following values and principles in the way we work, relate to each other, our partners and various constituencies. The values and principles grounded in the department’s philosophy include:

 Integrity and Accountability- (Mathew 25:23): CoU-PDR upholds truthfulness and fosters the principle of transparency, honesty, dialogue and responsibility in all her operations and relationships.

Teamwork and Creativity-(Corinthians 12:12-20) CoU-PDR operates as a family believing in open communication and dialogue, committed to supporting and encouraging one another and creating new ways of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Faithfulness to Holy Scriptures-(2 Timothy 3:16-17): We believe in the authority of the written word of God as the basis for all that we do and seek to live and witness godliness.

Love and Respect for Humanity- (1 John 4:19-21): CoU-PDR believes that everyone is made in the image of God and therefore upholds the respect for all humanity; serves all selflessly irrespective of social, religious, political and gender differences.

Partnership (-Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12): We believe in strong partnership building with likeminded public and private institutions through effective collaboration and information sharing and maintaining harmonious relations with all our key stakeholders.

Ecumenism-(Psalms 133):`CoU-PDR believes that the issues of socio-economic development affect all people regardless of their religion. So differences in religious background should not undermine our service delivery or partnership.


Areas of values and focus: 

·         Responding to cross-cutting issues (Eph 6:12-17)

·         Programmes and services ( Lk 4:18-19

·         Adequate funding (Lk 14:28-30)

·         Institutional strengthening (2 Tim3:17)

·         Effective working relationships /partnerships.(1 Cor 3:9)

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