Janani Jakaliya Luwum was the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda from 1974 to 1977 and one of the most influential leaders of the modern church in Africa. He was arrested in February 1977 and died shortly after. Although the official account describes a car crash, it is generally accepted that he was murdered on the orders of then-President Idi Amin Dada. Ugandans commemorate his life every 16th of February. The president of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni declared it a public holiday last year 2015. Ugandans will always honour this day to reminiscence Luwums deeds. The Church of Uganda has organised this day to be celebrated in form of thanksgiving and also praying for peace ahead of Presidential elections. Ugandans remember his message of truth, unity and respect for one another.  The Church will mark 40 years after his death and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will be the chief celebrant.

The ACT Uganda Forum joint advocacy project entitled “A Faith-Based Approach to Active and Peaceful Citizen Engagement in Electoral Democracy in Uganda” arises from the Forum’s desire to act together on issues affecting the country. Rallying under the umbrella of the actalliance, there is an added advantage of consolidated expertise and synergy at all levels, grassroots presence and country-wide geographical spread, as well as the moral authority to undertake advocacy around peace building, governance and accountability during the period 2015 to 2017.

CoU-PDR as the development arm of the Church of Uganda; the Anglican Church in Uganda is mandated to represent the Church of

Uganda in the ACT Uganda Forum. CoU-PDR’s mission is to work with people and communities in Dioceses in Uganda in order to improve their quality of life. CoU- PDR’s development work is rooted in Christian principles and core values of peace, mercy, caring, respect, justice and responsible stewardship of God’s creation.

The project will directly target religious leaders, citizens/voters, CSOs, the Media, the government institutions and political parties. Indirect targets shall include; CSOs and development partners with a goal to have a Peaceful, democratic, free and fair elections in Uganda by 2016.

Objective: At least 2500 Religious leaders in Uganda mobilizing citizens for peaceful, meaningful and active participation in 2016 general elections for good governance in Uganda.

Expected  outcomes:

1.      To strengthen the civic competence of 80% of the targeted Religious leaders to actively mobilize the electorate to participate in electoral processes by 2016

2.      To promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence amongst citizens, political parties and candidates during and after 2016 general elections in Uganda

Impact foreseen:

1.      Citizens, security and law enforcement personnel exercising restraint and self-control amidst provocative situations

2.      Political party leaders and candidates conducting their affairs peacefully and harmoniously

3.      Christians across the country exercise civic responsibility, tolerance and harmonious co-existence

4.      Reconciliation within and amongst political parties and candidates




The Archbishop

Archbishop Stanley

His Grace Stanley Ntagali

Malaria Free Families

The Church of Uganda-Nets for Life Program is a successful campaign against malaria across Uganda giving hope to several families.

Farming God's Way

COU through the PDR department is impacting and improving household incomes through Godly farming skills and management Ethics for Sustainability.

 Local investment and Fundraising Program

At COU we understand that Investment is the backbone of creating wealth thus establishing this fruitful program for remote communities.

God heard and answered my prayers...

I am grateful for your timely Support

At the worst moment of my life, having dropped out of school at an early age and lost my husband in 2013, life became so difficult in the villsage. I was left helpless with a five year old child and didnt know what to do BUT thank God for the "Farming God's Way" project that changed my life.

Nankya Leah

Farming God's Way is Real...

Thank You Church of Uganda......

As a member of the Superior Group, Bulesi Vilage - Bugayi Parish, my dream was to become a hair dresser which ambition was not forth coming but thank God for the COU-PDR Agricultural projects which gave me a fresh start and a bright future with the newly acquired agro-business skills 

Susan Nekesa

Hope Never Runs Dry

I am so grateful for the COU-PDR Support

As an orphan, life seemed so dark and hopeless at the age of 23 but I thank God for the Agape Youth Working Group from which I acquired new Godly agricultural skills and started a thriving Tomatoes growing business which is able to sustain my family of nine siblings. I am Grateful...  

Philip Butale

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Janani Luwum Day

Learn more about Janani Luwum and the history surrounding his life and death.

Date: 16th February, 2016

National Elections

Read the Church of Uganda's position on the National Elections

Date: 18th February, 2016

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